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Kindergarten Holiday Worksheets

Unwrap the Magic of Learning with Holiday-inspired Activities

Explore a delightful collection of holiday-themed worksheets designed for kindergarten learners. Engage in festive learning with a variety of activities, from Christmas math and coloring to Easter phonics and Valentine's Day literacy exercises. Discover educational fun for holidays like St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more. Each month brings new opportunities to reinforce skills through New Year's reflections, Presidents' Day history, and Memorial Day vocabulary. Whether it's counting candy canes or solving Valentine's Day word problems, these worksheets make learning engaging and festive for young minds.

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A Few of Our Free Holiday Worksheets

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Our holiday worksheets are designed to be convenient for educators and families. We offer three options to access our free worksheets. You can download the PDF file, print it from your browser, or use the online version of our kindergarten worksheets. These options allow you to save, print, or complete our worksheets directly on our website. By providing these flexible options, we aim to make learning holiday accessible, convenient, and engaging for teachers, parents, and kids.

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