Worksheets for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Both kids and adults get to dress up in their favorite costumes without being looked at as strange. While some adults get to satisfy their superhero complex, kids also look forward to this holiday for various reasons. For whatever reason, everyone loves this holiday.

This is also one of the perfect times for mixing fun with learning. Kids often absorb the most when they are having fun. Why not take this great opportunity to freshen up on what they’ve learned so far or give them new learning materials?

We have created 4 new free Halloween worksheets for kids. The first one is a Halloween reading worksheet that allows students to nurture their reading skills. The second one is a Halloween word problems worksheet that helps kids become accustomed to math word problems. Many students have trouble with word problems so it would be helpful to be exposed to these problems from an early stage. The third worksheet is a Halloween connect the dots worksheet. This is a fun activity worksheet for kids but it also allows them to review counting. The last one is another activity worksheet where kids draw the other half of a Jack-o’-lantern. Through this worksheet, students can learn about symmetry.

We hope these free worksheets are helpful in developing various skills. I hope you have a happy Halloween!