Kindergarten Worksheets is Being Redesigned

A child building something.

The goal of the Kindergarten Worksheets website is to be a world-class educational resource. We like to think that we have partially succeeded as we have thousands of parents and teachers visiting everyday with our website receiving over 3.4 million page views since its inception. Thank you! We have been constantly looking for ways to improve. Your feedback has helped and a few subtle changes have been made. The changes went well but we knew more could be done. This is why we decided several months ago to redesign our website.

The first change is by far the most requested. You asked for more free kindergarten worksheets and now you will get more free worksheets. We will be adding more worksheets than ever before. You will be able to easily keep track of the most recent worksheets on our 4 main category pages. They are Kindergarten Math Worksheets, Kindergarten English Worksheets, Kindergarten Learning Worksheets, and Kindergarten Holiday Worksheets.

The second major change is the addition of our new free web app. In the past year, a new technology has been widely adapted, which adds a new dimension to the web. It is called HTML5. HTML5 gives developers the ability to create rich web applications. We have utilized this to make our first kindergarten app. Our free web app lets kids use our kindergarten worksheets online. Children on the iPad can use their fingers like it is a pencil and kids on laptop and desktop computers can write on the worksheets using their mouse or trackpad.

The third major change is this blog. We never had one before. Yes, we kept in touch with our users using social media like Facebook and Twitter but we never did a blog until now. We think this will be a great way to let our users know about what is happening on our website.

The fourth and the last major change is that we are going green! All of the kindergarten worksheets will be optimized for printing. A number of teachers and parents like to print from their browser instead of using the PDF we provide. In the past, these users would end up printing our entire webpage with our logo, header, and more. Now, thanks largely to CSS, we have made it so our users will only be printing the kindergarten worksheet on a single page. This will save parents and teachers money on ink and paper. It will also help save the environment. Another way we sustain a “green” website is with our web servers. They are wind powered.

The redesign will be completed soon. We will let you know in a blog post as well as through social media when it is online.