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Downloading free worksheets from us just became even easier! I am happy to introduce our new Weekly Worksheets Club. Get free worksheets delivered to your email every week.

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Our free Weekly Worksheets Club will mainly focus on early childhood education materials. The worksheets will come from a variety of places as we operate many educational websites filled with free printables. What are the names of these websites? You have to join the Weekly Worksheets Club to find out! Members will also get the latest news on what we are working on as well as deals on our new premium content.

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Our Store Now Accepts PayPal

Kindergarten Worksheets Store Now Accepts PayPal

Purchasing our premium worksheet collections just became a little easier. Our Kindergarten Worksheets Store is now accepting PayPal as a payment option! Premium handwriting, English, math, science, alphabet, counting, numbers, and spelling worksheet collections are all available to purchase immediately. We also have Halloween and Christmas packages that are popular in the fall.

These paid collections help support the hundreds of free kindergarten worksheets on our website. They can be downloaded instantly after your purchase. The files are easy to use and print as they are all in the PDF file format. Our premium collections also include tips and information on printing the worksheets.

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Crafts for Development

Crafts Table

When I was young, I used to enjoy making busses and cars out of milk cartons and fans out of papers and sticks. I remember feeling so proud of myself for creating something brand new. My parents always encouraged me to create things rather than to buy them. I was often disappointed because I always preferred store bought things since they always seemed to be better made than what I had created.

Even though my milk carton busses always collapsed when I played with them, I have learned that doing crafts helped me develop my motor skills and imagination. It’s so easy to go to a store and buy a toy but creating something may provide additional values such as a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We have many coloring worksheets that can be used for various types of crafts. It would be a fun project to make a mask or a greeting card out of our free coloring worksheets.