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Fun Summer Activities

The summer season brings lots of fun activities for both kids and adults. My family used to spend much of our summer vacation by the ocean. Having a very competitive spirit, I used look forward to building the biggest sand castles and bragging to my friends about it. To add to the excitement of summer activities, we have created several summer worksheets for children to enjoy. Our newest summer worksheet allows kids to distinguish items most often seen in the summer as opposed to other seasons. We hope you take advantage of our free worksheets!


Spring is here!…well, almost…

The longest winter in history is about to end. The most anticipated spring is almost here and everyone will be able to enjoy the warmth and beautiful colors that it will bring. We have a wide variety of fun and educational spring worksheets for children to enjoy. My favorite is our spring numbers worksheet. I think it is an entertaining way to learn numbers. We hope you visit our spring worksheets page and find your favorite spring worksheet.

Spend Valentine’s Day with Fun Educational Worksheets

It is always a good idea to associate a fun learning experience with special holidays. As a child, my grandmother used to have me count how many chocolates I could put in my pocket. Now that I think about it, I guess she was teaching me how to count in a sneaky yet fun way. As parents and educators, we sometimes have to be ninjas so that kids can learn without realizing it and actually have fun.  We have a number of educational worksheets such as our free Valentine’s Day math worksheet and a number of Valentine’s Day activity worksheets for children to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.