Crafts for Development

Crafts Table

When I was young, I used to enjoy making busses and cars out of milk cartons and fans out of papers and sticks. I remember feeling so proud of myself for creating something brand new. My parents always encouraged me to create things rather than to buy them. I was often disappointed because I always preferred store bought things since they always seemed to be better made than what I had created.

Even though my milk carton busses always collapsed when I played with them, I have learned that doing crafts helped me develop my motor skills and imagination. It’s so easy to go to a store and buy a toy but creating something may provide additional values such as a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We have many coloring worksheets that can be used for various types of crafts. It would be a fun project to make a mask or a greeting card out of our free coloring worksheets.

Starting the New Year Right with a Balanced Diet

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had wonderful Christmas & New Year holiday. I personally can’t wait for Christmas to come every year but it is also one of the most difficult times to keep my diet under control. It’s usually filled with sweets and I notice that I eat far less vegetables than I normally do. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my diet but every year around this time I seem to get more tired easily.

I read an article recently on effects of nutrition and mental health. Apparently, children with a balanced diet do much better in school than kids who do not get the right amount of nutrition. I’m sure there is more to it than a balanced diet that affect children’s mental health. However, I believe that eating healthy food not only helps with doing well in school but it also builds healthy bodies and attitudes. Eating healthy can be done by just adding fresh fruits and vegetables into the normal routine. For example, you can add banana slices on pancakes or have orange wedges instead of ice cream as a snack.

We have some health worksheets that children can do to learn about health. I posted a couple of the health worksheets so please feel free to download and learn more about nutrition!

Free Health Worksheet

Free Health Education Worksheet

Raising Bilingual Kids

There are apparently many benefits to being a bilingual. Some researchers have recently found that being a bilingual reduces the risk of developing an Alzheimer’s disease. Bilinguals also use more brain power and are able to learn new words more quickly. If you are interested in learning, it’s never too late especially now that there are so many tools available for you online. The same goes for your children.

We have a number of Spanish, French, German, and Japanese language learning worksheets that can be downloaded and used for free. So please take advantage of them so that your children can get a head start in picking up another language. Enjoy!

Kindergarten Spanish Worksheet